Heart disease

As for the term heart disease it's usually used to illustrate a variety of diseases that influence a person's heart. Such diseases, as for example, heart imperfections a person born with, coronary artery disease and other diseases of blood vessels, arrhythmias (problems with heart rhythm), and different heart infections are fell under the definition of heart disease. The definition "heart disease" is regularly used alternately with "cardiovascular disease." Note that cardiovascular disease us...

Heart Valve Surgery

If you have any heart valve disease, your heart starts working less efficiently because blood can't flow through the heart well enough, and as a result there's additional strain in your heart. So, people with heart disease often suffer from exhaustion, breathlessness, pain in chest and swollen ankles. With the help of heart valve surgery you'll be able to do away with or get better mentioned above symptoms because it treats leaking or narrowed valves. With the help of heart valve surgery you'...

Mitral Valve Prolapse Signs and Symptoms

Actually, very often people who are having MVP (mitral valve prolapse), don't notice any symptoms. However, a great number of people suffer from such symptoms as, for example: tiredness heart tremors heart tremors chest pain nervousness migraine headaches stroke (though it's, in fact, very uncommon) As well, a great number of people complain that they have fatigue, though doctors can't understand its reasons. Moreover, people who have mitral valve prolapse sometimes f...