Can cool weather cause you serious problems with heart?

The recent findings applicable to cardiovascular disease makes us be more prudent concerning our health as autumn and winter are coming closer. The idea is that changes in condition regime to the lower indication can do really harm to our heart. Want to know more? In this article today we are going to discuss the issue with you.The quantity of participants and their results speaks for itself, because more than 280000 people were in the experiment and judging by the changes in their health st...

Stenocardia: a portrait of a disease

Stenocardia or angor pectoris is a widespread disease among middle-aged people and seniors. Quite often people refer to it as breast-pang because of the painful area - retrosternal pain. Sometimes it is referred to as coronary artery disease due to the fact that the disease is caused by localized obstruction in coronary artery, which entails mionectic blood supply rich in oxygen.In this article we‘ll tell the difference between stenocardia and Miocardial Infarction; also how to identify it, ...

Stress & Our heart: an intimate glimpse

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If you are in a constant stress, your organism "thinks" that you are chasing around or fighting. Under such circumstances it starts to produce such hormones as epinephrine  and glucocorticoid in vast numbers.At the same time your organizm slows down the process of production somatotropin, which is considered to be an important hormone for our growth. What other phenomena can be observed in our organizm at that rate?In situation like that a rise in blood pressure is observed. So cordis strugg...