Stress & Our heart: an intimate glimpse

pregnancy testIf you are in a constant stress, your organism “thinks” that you are chasing around or fighting. Under such circumstances it starts to produce such hormones as epinephrine  and glucocorticoid in vast numbers.At the same time your organizm slows down the process of production somatotropin, which is considered to be an important hormone for our growth. What other phenomena can be observed in our organizm at that rate?

In situation like that a rise in blood pressure is observed. So cordis struggles to pump blood and vasoreflaxation takes place. Blood vessels become harder. Such behaviour of blood vessels makes our  cordis increase pressure in such a way that blood can reach every corner of our body. Rise of blood pressure occurs. All in all it entails additional stress on myocardium and left ventricular hypertrophy as a result. Besides, oxygen cannot reach heart in numbers needed for its good functioning.

Starting with this moment heart cannot work in a proper way. Lack of oxygen for heart heralds Cardiac ischemia. Myocardium in condition like that lacks energy and strarts to pain. This kind of a pain is known as stenocardia.

91% of patients who has returned to normal life after sudden cardiac death say that in the moment of SCD they have registered stressful feelings. We can say for sure that our emotions and feelings do have sway over our heart. Our feelings exert some action on our heart through autonomic nervous system, which consists of two brunches: sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Ideally, those two brunches are to balance. But if something goes wrong and sympathetic system prevails, figuratively speaking , for our organizm an alarm is activated caused by one’s being in a stressful situation at length. It is sympathetic system which is responsible for our reaction to unlooked-for situations , for e.g. to turn the car left not to have an accident. This kind of a system prepares us for chasing around or fighting. In situation like that as it has been mentioned earlier there can be observed tachysphygmia, a rise in BP and cordis struggles to pump blood. Again, if it lasts a small time it is OK, cause it is normal reaction of our organizm to protect us ,to react in a proper way to things such as self-defense , the escape from dversity. Returning to our previous example with a car, your sympathetic system did its job, you’ve reacted and turned to the left. No car accident. No threat to your organizm. But if you are living in a constant stress , your sympathetic system thinks :” Aha, I should be ready. I should be on alert.”That is why you’ve got tachysphygmia, high Bee-Pee and as a result heart issues in future.

How to combat stress?

The response is apparent: to avoid it, not to let it go further. You can reduce the risk of heart disease caused by constant stress following some tips:

  • talk to your relatives more. Share with them your feelings. Don’t be shamed to share with them your problems.
  • do not concentrate on one and the same task for a long time. Change your activities.
  • do not concentrate on unnecessary information
  • time management will help you to organize you day better
  • devote more time for having a rest
  • fresh air & exercise is the best remedy for stress
  • and smile 🙂

In case of feeling that you are in constant stress and having a chest pain you are to do the following:

  • consult a doctor
  • visit psychologist. He or she is to help you to combat stress.

Be healthy!