What greying hair can tell you about your heart

Greying is a natural process, so everyone can find some day a silver hair or even more. It is inescapable. The first thing that comes into our minds is to dye hair and the difficulty is overcome. We all know that with aging there can be silver hair, or it also can be a hereditary factor when even young people face greying, or if a person has got a stressful job, or lives in a constraint stress he or she also will have silver hair earlier. But recent findings in the scope of heart studies pro...

Stroke: key factors to know

If there is a risk of a stroke without skipping a beat undelayed assistance is to be rendered. Restoration to health and strength and future life in general of a patient depends on the first aid and its promptness. This factor is of great importance. Annually 6 millions of persons suffer from an acute cerebrovascular accident and 4 millions of them die. According to the statistics many persons who suffered a stroke remained disabled, unable to live without a help of their relatives. The worst th...

Hypotension: a pause for thought?

We all have heard thousand times about hypertension(low BP) and its adverse health consequences . Less attention is normally paid to low blood pressure.And that's hy we have decided to focus today on hypotension which has got measure less than 90/60.The optimal BP is 120/80 and less. If one has got a low Bee-Pee and doesn't have any complaints or indicants of health concerns, low Bee Pee is sort of a norm and can be treated as organism pecularity. Seniors should keep an issue of low BP on th...

On the way to a healthy heart: easy rules to follow

Pursuant to statistcs every year 17.3 million of people die because of heart disease. According to the recent figures of scientists fatality rate can reach 23.6 million per year in 2030. One American dies every forty seconds because of cardiac decompensation.2150 citizens of America pass away for this reason.Mentioning all the facts above we were not aimed at frightening you. All we want is to let you know about such a problem and make you think about your health, in particular, your heart. ...

Resolvent drugs: not so innocent for your heart as it seems to be

During cold winter days many of us can be taken ill. As a rule we suffer from viral upper respiratory tract infection and acute respiratory disease. But quite often we call the diseases cold and flu. Now we want you to give a response to our simple question: " What are the pharmaceuticals that you take for relieving cold or influenza?" Answered? Good. Now let us guess your variants of answer. Probably, most of you gave the following responses: ibuprofen or any other resolvent drugs. If you've gi...

What can white night and coffee in the morning do to your heart?

Lack of sleeping ,even sometimes ,can cause a lot of unpleasant moments, including reluctance to do something, torpor and lassitude. What do we normally do in situation like that? The first idea that comes into one's mind is to drink a coffee to be up and to eat something tasty to elate. But is it the right thing to do? Shall we change something in our day's routine? And the answers to the questions will be"Yes", because lack of sleeping and food we eat can cause numerous heart diseases in years...

Flab in legs speaks for heart diseases

black heart
Latter study outcomes allow to say that  flab in legs promotes cardiovascular diseases(CVD). Those who don't have fat depot have a shot at living a full life wihout CVD. Those who unfortunately have, fall into the risk group.So, while realization of the research , the scientists set out to know whether the pts with flab in legs are susceptive to Myocardial Infarction and so on.Ther was no threat for pts that participated in the project. The test for for atherosclerosis in the legs involved t...

Can radioactive cesium cause heart seizure?

It’s a well-known fact that Chernobyl Catastrophe has left indelible mark not only in people’s memory but, unfortunately, in people’s health also. 30 years have passed since the Chernobyl disaster but we still continue to study the aftereffects and we fight with the dramatic aftermaths also. The worst thing is that even our future generations will be concerned with the problems that we had then  and have now.A lot of harm has been done to our organism, but in this particular article we would l...

Heart disease

As for the term heart disease it's usually used to illustrate a variety of diseases that influence a person's heart. Such diseases, as for example, heart imperfections a person born with, coronary artery disease and other diseases of blood vessels, arrhythmias (problems with heart rhythm), and different heart infections are fell under the definition of heart disease.The definition "heart disease" is regularly used alternately with "cardiovascular disease." Note that cardiovascular disease us...