Stroke: key factors to know

hospitalIf there is a risk of a stroke without skipping a beat undelayed assistance is to be rendered. Restoration to health and strength and future life in general of a patient depends on the first aid and its promptness. This factor is of great importance. Annually 6 millions of persons suffer from an acute cerebrovascular accident and 4 millions of them die. According to the statistics many persons who suffered a stroke remained disabled, unable to live without a help of their relatives. The worst thing is that nobody can be on the safe side, an individual or someone of his or her relatives can face the disease.

Stroke is preconditioned by acute cerebrovascular accident which leads to the brain tissue involvement and its functional disturbance. Cerebral crisis can be of two types: haemorrhagic stroke and ischemic. Traditionally a stroke develops in the setting of idiopathic hypertensia, delirium cordis, abnormalities of heart and cerebral atherosclerosis. The commonest type of an acute cerebrovascular accident  is ischaemic. 9 out of 10 cases.

Now we’ll give you several tips how to identify your belonging to the group of risk:

  • somebody of your blood kins has already suffered from a stroke;
  • you’ve got a tendency to microthrombosis;
  • if you have got such heart troubles as: angor pectoris, arterial hypertension.
  • you suffer from diabetes mellitus;
  • if you smoke, indulge in stimulants and your weight is above the norm .
  • if you suffer from hypertension and at the same time are on the pill, you are in danger. If you are also a tobacco user, you double the trouble. Stroke happens 2-3 times more among tobacco users, those who lays aside bad habits reduces riskiness of having a stroke in a two year’s period up to 50 %.
  • periodic disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • sedentary-lifestyle; especially among senior citizens. For seniors 10-15 minutes spent on a walk is a good thing for stroke prevention.
  • mental health plays a big role in general well-being. Stress, inner turmoils increase the chances of a stroke. Especially it is vital for those who has already had a stroke.

Probably, just some of you will give a response “No” to all the factors of having a risk to suffer from insult. If you’ve got at least one “Yes”, you fall into the group of risk. The more “Yes” you have, the more chances to have the disease are.

How to prevent the risk of having a stroke?

The answer is a simple one: take care of your health. Measure your blood pressure on regular basis.

If you are up to 65 years old your normal Bee-Pee should be no more than 139/40.

In case of having diabetes the Bee-Pee shouldn’t be more than 130/80.

Watch your pulse rate. Ciliary arrhythmia leads to cerebrovascular accident. Ciliary arrhythmia increases the chances of having a stroke up to 6 times.

How to idenify cerebral hemorrhage?

  • facial numbness;
  • allolalia;
  • person doesn’t understand where he or she is at the moment; doesn’t understand what is going on;
  • visual impairment;
  • giddiness;
  • racking headache.

If you see such symptoms call in an ambulance at once. Seconds count.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.