What can white night and coffee in the morning do to your heart?

Lack of sleeping ,even sometimes ,can cause a lot of unpleasant moments, including reluctance to do something, torpor and lassitude. What do we normally do in situation like that? The first idea that comes into one’s mind is to drink a coffee to be up and to eat something tasty to elate. But is it the right thing to do? Shall we change something in our day’s routine? And the answers to the questions will be”Yes”, because lack of sleeping and food we eat can cause numerous heart diseases in years to come.


let’s start with the problem which is called” Lack of sleeping”. Vigilance, doing a night shift can’t but leave am imprint on our health. And as recent studies and inquiries results show, especially, it is our heart that suffers so much. Let’s have a look how it effects our heart.

Those who sleep less than 7 hours per day are more susceptible to heart diseases. This statement can be enforced by the following data:

  • 3000 patients(45 y.o. +) under medical supervision
  • those who were sleeping less than 7 hours per night are more susceptible to a stroke or heart attack.
  • lack of sleeping increases twofold  the chance of heart diseases
  • lack of sleeping can have a negative impact on blood pressure, inflammatory processes and glucose metabolism.
  • those who have got night- terrors are also fall into the category of susceptibility to heart troubles.

Obviously, this information is a food for thought.You can hardly find a person , who can boast a good sleeping. Our life dictates terms. Night shifts, stress , revising for exams, work avalanche cannot be avoided.But we can try to rearrange our life, trying to set aside more time for sleeping. Lack of sleeping kills you slowly , beckoning for a stroke, risk of cancer and micromegaly. Besides, it makes you potentially dangerous both for you and the surrounding persons, because while driving a car in condition like that, you can lose control and hit a pedestrian or be in an accident.

Now it’s time for tips, about how to improve one’s sleeping and avoid heart troubles in future.

  • bright  lights is for a day, dark lights is for a night. The light is a signal for our organism, so don’t resort to bright lights at night, because your body will “think” that it’s time for action.
  • sleep in darkness
  • separate bedrooms can be the way out( some people comlain about lack of sleeping because their partner rolls over in bed or snores.
  • seek bed as early as it possible
  • Said “No”to bed-bites and sweet dishes before sleeping
  • Going to bathroom before bed reduces the chances of waking up in the middle of the night
  • An hour before sleeping stop working, forget about your job.
  • Don’t watch TV before falling asleep.
  • Reading something relaxing and interesting before falling asleep is the best remedy.

Of, course the list of tips can be much more longer , but even following these easy tips , you can rearrange your sleeping and in doing so to prevent heart diseases in future.

Also, in the very beginning we touched upon the problem The way food we eat effects our heart.So, let’s continue with this idea. So , imagine the situation: sleepless night, you feel horrible and you think:” Aha, I must drink a cup of coffee, that’s what I need now”. Stop! As we cleared it out before sleepless night has got a negative impact on our heart , and drinking a coffee will only make the situation worse. The tie-in between caffeine and rise in  blood pressure has been proved by many scientists. And it can be a real bad habbit to drink a coffee after sleepless night for those persons who has got a hypertonia. We think that this point with coffee is clear.  Let’s enlarge the list of products that can do harm to your heart. We understand that some of the products has become an important part of our life, and if it’s impossible to elliminate them out of your menu, just try to consume them less. So the products that do harm to our heart is the following:

  • everything that contains cholesterol ( eggs, high-fat cheese, caviar) in big proportions is a foe for our heart.2-3 eggs per week is OK, but no more.
  • Solt and sugar should be kept to a minimum. If you reduce the amount of products that contain a lot of solt and sugar your heart will tell you”Thank you”
  • Coffee. Rises blood pressure. 1 cup per day is OK, but if you drink more than 1 cup, for e.g. 3-4 it only makes an additional stress for heart and heralds stroke and breast pang in future.

What should you eat to help your heart?

  • products rich in potassium ( potato, prune, apricot, apricots halves , etc.) Potassium improves the work of muscles of the heart.
  • products rich in magnesium ( oatmeal, wheat porridge, bananas, walnuts, etc.)Magnesium supports vascular tone .
  • products rich in iodine(calmar, shellfish, sea cabbage)

As you can see you can easily replace sugar food by apricots, prune. And at the same time it won’t do any harm to your body , but also will help your heart to function in a proper way.

We hope that our article was useful for you.

Don’t forget to sleep well and eat wholesome food.

Stay healthy!