Flab in legs speaks for heart diseases

black heartLatter study outcomes allow to say that  flab in legs promotes cardiovascular diseases(CVD). Those who don’t have fat depot have a shot at living a full life wihout CVD. Those who unfortunately have, fall into the risk group.

So, while realization of the research , the scientists set out to know whether the pts with flab in legs are susceptive to Myocardial Infarction and so on.

Ther was no threat for pts that participated in the project. The test for for atherosclerosis in the legs involved the using of ultrasonic vibrations to define the velocity of blood flow in the leg’s large arteries.

In concordance with the results of the study, it can be said that pts with flob have got more chances to die because of heart diseases.

Approximately 500 pts were in the reseah and 187 of them had had atherosclerosis in the legs  and problems with small blood vessels.

In 5 years after the tests the scientists returned to the project to see how the pts were living, if everything was Ok with their health.

20 % of pts with atherosclerosis in the legs passed away. 6% of the pts with problems with small blood vessels also died. And the reason was coronary heart disease.

Only 3 % of pts without atherosclerosis died, but there were another reasons, not coronary heart disease.

Even taking into consideration such factors as sex, pernicious habits, cholesterol level, arterial pressure, it’s nothing in comparison with atherosclerosis in the legs. Atherosclerosis in the legs  is one of the major forerunners for coronary heart diseases.

Ought to say that Charcot’s syndrome (the pain in muscles while walking) doubles the risk of heart disease.

What should you do? If you’ve got Charcot’s syndrome, if you’ve got  flab in legs it is a pause for thought. It doesn’t mean that you are doomed, it is a motive for an action. First of all consult a doctor, go through the tests and your doctor will put together a program aimed at the prevention of heart diseases.