On the way to a healthy heart: easy rules to follow

Pursuant to statistcs every year 17.3 million of people die because of heart disease. According to the recent figures of scientists fatality rate can reach 23.6 million per year in 2030. One American dies every forty seconds because of cardiac decompensation.2150 citizens of America pass away for this reason.

Mentioning all the facts above we were not aimed at frightening you. All we want is to let you know about such a problem and make you think about your health, in particular, your heart. In this article we’ve prepared for you some tips and recommendations intended to improve your cardiac function. So study, please, all the points, that we’ve placed below. Hoping that the data will be useful for you.

  • Suggestion№ 1. Kick the weed, if you do so.

Smoking is considered to be one of the top reasons of vascular heart disease.It kills you slowly. One cigarette is minus ten minutes of your life. Unlike people who don’t smoke, tobacco users have got 3-4 times more chances of having a heart seizure. Smoking causes chronic anoxemia (reduction of oxigen supply) which leads to atherosclerotic vascular disease. All in all, tobacco users are in the group of risk of having a heart attack.

  • Suggestion 2. Keep a healthy lifestyle.

30 minutes of sport per day is only good for you and your heart. Our heart needs physical exercises: running, walking, swimming and so on. With physical exercises our heart practices and works better.

  • Suggestion 3. Eat more food rich in fiber.

Fiber that we get from food decreases the chances of having a heart seizure. The health properties of fiber are as follows:1) the decrease of cholesterol level; 2) BSL is normalized; 3) orthoarteriotony ; 4) less chances to belong to the group of risk of having cardiovascular disease; 5) reduces the risk of diabetes ; 6) loss in weight. To achieve such good results one should eat the following products:

  • Nuts: almond, walnuts,hazel-nuts, cushew, peanut, pistachio.
  • Porridge and cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat porridge, pearl barley porridge.
  • Dried fruit: dried currant, apricots halves, dates.
  • Apples, bananas, strawberries and other berries and fruit. Dairy products.


  • Suggestion № 4. Keep your weight under control.

Artrial hypertension can happen at almost twice the rate in obese persons compared with normal weight males and females. Additional weight is just a challenge for your heart and it cannot function in a proper way!Say no to starchy foods and sweetened beverages.

  • Suggestion № 5. Reduce the amount of salt that you got used to consume.

Adults should eat no more than 1 teaspoon of salt per day. And only think how much of salt you consume every day! Not only salt that you add while cooking, but also think about the products that you buy at a local shop. They’ve already contain salt! Want to have a normal blood pressure? Cut down salt!

  • Suggestion №6. Eating fish twice a week is a good habbit.

For pregnant woman the norm is once a week. Eat tuna, salmon, sardines, because they contain Omega-3, which is essential component for our heart.

  • Suggestion№ 7. Alcohol is not the best friend for you heart.

drinking bastard

It’s not a secret that alcohol contains calories. That’s what can make your organizm to “grow” and gain new and new kilos. This point is the continuation of point № 4. Excessive weight-challenge for your heart.

As you can see, you might have been familiar with all the suggestions. But unfortunately not all people remember or pretend that they don’t remember or know the rules. Quite often we neglect them. And our statistics looks like that-17.3 million of deaths annually. But if you heed the words everything can alter for the better. Make it a habbit to be more active, to eat healthy food and think what you eat and what you buy for eating. Cut down salt and quit smoking if you do so. And….stay healthy!