Hypotension: a pause for thought?

tonometrWe all have heard thousand times about hypertension(low BP) and its adverse health consequences . Less attention is normally paid to low blood pressure.And that’s hy we have decided to focus today on hypotension which has got measure less than 90/60.

The optimal BP is 120/80 and less. If one has got a low Bee-Pee and doesn’t have any complaints or indicants of health concerns, low Bee Pee is sort of a norm and can be treated as organism pecularity. Seniors should keep an issue of low BP on the front-burner because of an age like that it can produce  abnormal blood motion to the heart, encephalon and other vitals.

It can become a real threat when a sudden hypotension happens. The threat lies in the fact that our brain all of a sudden lacks vascular supply which leads to giddiness and febricula.Quite often there can be a constant low BP  which is evident in numerous manifestations.

Focusing on presentation of low Bee Pee in the field of cardio studies  there can be the following manifestations:

  • palpitation and tachysphygmia;
  • cardiac pain can be characterized as lancinating pain.

Of course, comparing high BP with low BP, the last one is considered to be the worse scenario, because it with the utmost probability can provoke a stroke acute coronary syndrome.But still we shouldn’t also neglect hypotension due to the fact that it nearly always entails disturbance of the general sense of well-being and negative impact on performance efficiency. Added to theb facts that we’ve mentioned above one thing should also be said that low Bee Pee can make the situation worse for those people who has already had some troubles with heart. As we’ve said earlier hypotension prevents normal blood circulation and can cause more troubles for people who has good cardiac disorders. Saying this we want to prove the following: for people with cardiac disease low BP can result in myocardial infarction and even in some cases there can be fatality.

We advocate you for paying more attention to your health. Measure your tension of blood regulary and consult a doctor.

Besides, we want to share  with you some tips to follow if you’ve got low BP. So the are:

  • contrust shower is a good either-or to having a bath, because it improves blood circulation;
  • having a rest in horizontal position for 20 minutes will make you feel better;
  • avoid alcohol drinking, because it only facilitates drop in blood pressure;
  • drink mineral water, juice and friut-drinks. You can also drink coffee but no more than 3-4 cups per day.
  • avoid quick turns of your body.

Be healthy!