Can cool weather cause you serious problems with heart?

The recent findings applicable to cardiovascular disease makes us be more prudent concerning our health as autumn and winter are coming closer. The idea is that changes in condition regime to the lower indication can do really harm to our heart. Want to know more? In this article today we are going to discuss the issue with you.

The quantity of participants and their results speaks for itself, because more than 280000 people were in the experiment and judging by the changes in their health status with temperature’s dipping below zero it can be said that temperature regime, air conditions, the amount of sun beams and rains has got an impact on our cordis. The testing lasted 16 years. As the experiment went it has been observed that during warm seasons with comfortable warmth there has been a decline in heart seizure and as the temperature was going to reach zero mark and lower there has been observed a surge of cases with heart attacks. To be more precise, 280,873 is the number of heart seizures registered over a span of sixteen years as the cold weather was coming. It can be said that the lower the index of temperature is, the more cases with heart seizure are observed on the date. The danger of having a heart attack also surges during gusty days.

All it can be explained by the fact that as the temp is dipping below zero our organism tends to involve more blood vessels to warm and it turns out to be an additional stress on heart by implicating the blood motion through red vessel. The more your body is quaking with cold the more stress your heart has got, which can entail heart seizure.

One thing is to be understood that it is especially risky for people who has already got more or less heart issues. Talking about people who are not familiar with those challenge they are likely not to find themselves in the group, nevertheless they should also consider the data.

This period of cold weather is also dangerous by reason of that people can be down with the flu which in its turn can trigger heart seizure also because it also gives additional influence on heart.

What is the workaround? You might have asked. The response can be the following: to reduce the risk of having a hart seizure consult a doctor on regular basis in case of having some heart troubles, measure your BP regularly. Don’t reduce physical activity and don’t change your eating habits at this moment it is considered to be of great importance.


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