What greying hair can tell you about your heart


Greying is a natural process, so everyone can find some day a silver hair or even more. It is inescapable. The first thing that comes into our minds is to dye hair and the difficulty is overcome. We all know that with aging there can be silver hair, or it also can be a hereditary factor when even young people face greying, or if a person has got a stressful job, or lives in a constraint stress he or she also will have silver hair earlier. But recent findings in the scope of heart studies provide us an opportunity to say that greying and cardiac disorders are tightly intertwined. Another way of putting it is that a silver hair can be more serious than just a sequence to aging or stress. Want to know more? Stay with us. Today we are going to throw a light on the issue the way how greying and heart disorders relate to each other.


Reading the first paragraph of the article you might have thought:” Aha, that’s quite natural that a person is becoming older, greying and his or her heart with time cannot work in a proper way». But still EuroPrevent -2017 conference declared that the appearance of silver hair heralds future heart troubles. Besides, the experts in the scope of heart studies are sure that the presence of white hair can assist in to the prediction of  cardiac troubles in time to come.


Before revealing all the results, let us to share with you the experimental conditions:


1) Only males participated in the experiment, so nothing can be said in this relation about females.

2) 545 males participated in the experiment. Actually, such experiments are generally thought to be small-sized, and the results are not convincing, because it can be only a coincidence.

The subjects went through head computed tomography to check for * CVE. The males were divided into several groups in accordance with the amount of silver hair. All in all there have been 5 groups :


1) 100 % silver hair;

2) 50% black/50% silver;

3) Silver hair prevail;

4) Black hair prevail;

5) 100% black.

Besides, there has been gathered supporting information concerning the presence of common circulation diseases risk indicators such as dyslipidaemia, saccharine disease , hypertension, bad habits and hereditary factors.


Well, the results have shown the following tendency: in groups №1, 2and 3 there have been more chances of having coronary artery disease. In all the cases the greying hair was the predominant factor disregarding additional factors and genetic predisposition. The research has shown that the more silver hair a person has got, there are more chances of falling into the risk group of having CVE.


Of ours from your part there can arise a question: “But how is it actually interrelated? How can it be explained?” The scientists have got the following answer: “With time our organism is getting on in years, and greying together with Atherosclerosis occur in the same biological paths. In accordance with chronological age, silver hair is posed as the indicator of changes in our organism and it can be considered as a danger sign of having cardiovascular disease.


Nevertheless, reading this article and knowing or having found silver hair there is no need to panic. You are to take into consideration the data and don’t avoid regular medical examinations.


We also shouldn’t neglect the fact that there must be more subjects in the experiment, the representatives of both sexes, and the number should be increased that we shouldn’t doubt about the results, calling it not just a coincidence, but true-to life discovery. We also cannot neglect that fact that it is quite a natural process for our organism to become older and the first sign of it is silver hair and it cannot always be treated as the marker of deep cardiac problems. And If with males in accordance with the research everything is less or more clear, nothing can be said about women applying this theory.


The scientists promise to take account of experimental drawbacks and present us in forthcoming period of time new results. And we in our turn are going to keep you in the loop on the issue.


  • CVE- cardiovascular disease


Be healthy!

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